Monday, 7 July 2008

It's that Brown man Again and His FOOT

Well we all woke up today to find out that Mr Brown thinks we throw too much food away, that we should think before we buy etc. get real Mr Brown (this is the man who went to a Green G8 meeting in a privately hired 767 flown in from the USA just for the trip... Hmmm, nuf said about that then)... anyway where was I.... oh yes, well if Mr Brown and his cohorts from the EU were to review the label system of expiry dates on food stuff and stretch them to where they should be, then people would wast a lot less and so would shops.... e.g. pre-packed meats, normally have 5 to 7 days expiry on them when the reality is 7 to 10 days. We are no fools, my nose and eyes and taste can tell if food is out of date, I don't need a prat from the GB government of a job's-worth from the EU to tell me. When I was a child, we did not have this rubbish system, yet food poisoning was no more prevalent then than now.... Then we have him saying it will help us spend less... well what they need to do to get food prices down is scrap this stupid Bio-Foods for fuel.... food is for eating and feeding the starving.... there are other better and cheaper ways to run transport etc. But he wont because he is as thick as two short planks .... How can anybody who has created an £15billion (and rising) black whole in the UK economy be trusted with a simple task as food management ... ? it beggars belief! And to think Blair called him the iron chancellor ... perhaps he was referring to his head was full of iron so no room for any brains then ... see u later folks....

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Jobs for the Boys

I see that the Tories in London have started where they left off, in sleaze... but then Labour is no better. I will admit most people in life have things they would rather forget about, we are all human in that respect and I would not profess to say that people in this party are any better, but it's how it is handled, not what they have done in a lot of cases. The trouble is in the UK (and other parts of the world), is that the press latch onto something and assume guilt unless proven Innocent... the trouble is that this is the wrong way round. Yes, if somebody is guilty then the press has a right to report it, but until the person is found guilty in law, then the speculation should be limited. Take the John Lesley case recently, the man has been through hell once before, but the vultures of the press once again dragged his name through the mud just for a story that probably is not true, but it is not for them the say. Anonymity should be sacrosanct until found guilty, when this is done people can truly be found on fact one way or another guilty/Innocent. Until this system is implemented properly, we will always have the cases of trail by press... this is not what the British Judicial System was introduced for..... hey ho, but again the big two (L and T) will never do anything because they are scared of Mr Murdoch and Co...... See u later ...

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Day One .... Onwards and upwards

It's funny really, I watch two world 'wannabe' leaders in Government, Mr A Darling from the UK and some guy from the USA (his counterpart) saying there is not much they can do about the fuel prices etc. yet these are two leaders from two of the biggest economies in the world (part of the G7).... and between them they have one brain cell (competition of the day, u guess who has it). Why do we in the UK keep voting the same trash into government, Labour and Tory, nothing between them. One is in power because the other was not good enough and soon the other will be in power because people are to lazy to look for an alternative.... but there is one ... take a look, tell your friends ... make a difference. Yes there is a way to change the current fuel situation, but it will take a bold and strong government to act.... neither Tory or labour will offer this ..... so like the rest of you, I am now off to wherever to pay my £1.32p per litre (bring back gallons).... see u all tomorrow.